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Brand Identity Design

A brand identity is a logo, a slogan and a combination of colors that make up the visual identity of a business. It tells the reader about the business in a way that is different from just being a provider of goods and services. It gives the customer an understanding of what the company is all about and also attracts attention of consumers. The design should be memorable, easy to understand and also match the image and personality of the company. Some experts believe that brand stories have the ability to touch customers emotionally and see the business in a different light other than just being a provider of goods and services.

A strong brand identity is important for engaging customers and creating a connection with the people behind the business idea. The more engaging the brand is, the more eyeballs it will get, and the more popular it will become online. An appealing story is a great way to attract attention and create a successful brand identity.

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I've tried other services before and I can say this is the best. I got a custom logo, business cards and a bunch of other files. And the best part is that I can update anything whenever I want. Definitely worth it!



I was looking for a branding service that could help me create a logo, slogan and color scheme for my new business and I found this. Brand and identity design is a service that helps business owners create a brand identity that will help them connect with potential customers and get them to buy. And you know the best part? You get to try out this branding service at a fraction of the cost compared to hiring a branding agency.


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  • Unlimited revisions

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